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DedeeWoodside_webDr Dedee Woodside to retire from IA CRC Board
June 2015

Dr Dedee Woodside announced her retirement from the IAL Board this week. Dr Woodside is stepping down after serving many dedicated years through the PAC CRC, IA CRC and IA CRC2.

Dedee wrote,“In leaving the organisation I feel a great sense of loss, as the success of the CRC is very important to me. Especially important is the fundamental impact of its programs on both the environment and agriculture. This organisation has been a large part of my professional life and dedication for the past 15 years. In leaving it behind, I trust that the organisation (including staff, partners and programs) as well as the end-users will have benefitted in some small way from my contributions over that long period.”

“We have certainly had to navigate some challenges during that time and I believe the excellent feedback during the recent IACRC Review has demonstrated that we have been very successful.”

In wishing the Board and the staff all the very best in establishing the enduring organisation beyond 2017, Dr Woodside also reflected “I am particularly pleased that I leave behind a well governed business structure and financial management system and innovative scientific program that includes human and institutional dimensions of invasive animal management in Australia.”

In recognising Dr Woodside’s substantial contribution as Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee and as Deputy Chair through the setting up period of the current IA CRC, IAL Board Chair, Helen Cathles also went on to highlight that “Dedee’s strong background in community engagement in natural resource management was instrumental in the formation of our very important Social Engagement Program.”

“The Board and management sincerely thank Dr Woodside for her valuable work and dedication to the IA CRC and the future CISS organisation. And in wishing her well, we look forward to her future direction to include working with the IA CRC and CISS.”

For those wishing to stay in touch, Dr Dedee Woodside’s contact details are or via LinkedIn.