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Welcome to the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre: Australia’s largest integrated invasive animal research program.

The Invasive Animals CRC creates new technologies and integrated strategies to reduce the impact of invasive animals on Australia’s economy, environment, and people. We concentrate on developing smarter tools to prevent and detect new invasions, advanced and tactical tools to strengthen integrated management strategies of carp and other pest fish, and new tools and integrated management strategies for major pests including foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rats and mice, cane toads, feral cats and rabbits.

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New Pest Animals mobile App

Smart phone users can now access the latest information about Australia’s worst pest animals via the new ‘Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia’ App, produced by the Invasive Animals CRC.

To download free from iTunes (iOS devices only at this stage) now: [ click here ]

PestSmart now online

PestSmart is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia.

Fox bounties

Bounty systems offer what appears to be a simple solution to pest animal problems by providing financial rewards to reduce pest numbers. However, reviews of past bounty schemes from Australia and around the world show that they are an ineffective form of pest animal control and do not deliver long-term solutions to a widespread pest animal problem.

[ Click here ] for bounty system links.

FeralScan now live

The IA CRC’s FeralScan project is now underway with RabbitScan, CamelScan, FoxScan and MynaScan now live. Anybody can use FeralScan to create a species Management Map for their property or local area.

Any sighting data reported in FeralScan will help to provide a national overview of each species problem.

[ Click here ] to visit the FeralScan website.

View the PestSmart YouTube Channel for video clips on best practice control methods for pest animal management.


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IA CRC Annual Report

The 2012-13 Annual Report and Research Portfolio Summary are both available to download now. Previous reports are available at our corporate publications page.