Dedee Woodside

Dedee Woodside’s background includes a PhD in ecology, work in national parks (Canada and Australia), universities, research and development organisation and about 16 years as a General Manager and Director at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos.

She has established and directed the first Conservation Research Centre in Australia in 1989, and has established and directed the first Australian institute for providing training internationally in 32 developing countries in wildlife management and integrated conservation and development.

Since, Dedee has been managing director of her own consulting firm and spent 7 years working in the irrigation industry and irrigated commodities to help integrate sustainability planning and processes. In that process she developed a national reputation for engaging rural communities in the process of change toward sustainability. This was a reflection of her work in developing countries.

Underpinning the skills she gained during her work in developing countries, Dedee has technical  training in the area of change management, facilitation and strategic planning.

“I truly love contributing to the business of conservation and applied research. I have tried to become skilled in governance and management of these kinds of organisations and to communicate the benefits of undertaking work to the public,” said Dedee.