Dr Glen Saunders

Dr Saunders has over 40 years’ experience in pest animal management and research. He has conducted a variety of long term, fileld based projects and has particularly focused on improving management strategies for vertebrate pests in line with best practice principles and with an ongoing theme of providing information appropriate for decision making on the basis of costs and benefits. In many situations this has required the development of new and innovative research tools. He has also contributed to the understanding of vertebrate pest impact on agricultural production as well as population ecology and demographics: pre-requisites for the effective design of more cost effective management strategies.

Dr Saunders has held senior research and management leadership roles in both NSW DPI and the Invasive Animals CRC (IA CRC). As Director of Research in the CRC he had a strategic planning role as a major contributor and co-writer of two successful funding bids (2004 and 2011) for the IA CRC.
Dr Glen Saunders

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The Invasive Animals CRC finished on June 30, 2017.

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is now in its place and has a new website you can visit at www.invasives.com.au

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