Carla Meurk

Project: Social aspects of feral pig management in the wet tropics of north Queensland

The management of feral pigs (Sus scrofa) in the wet tropics of north Queensland has been a matter of ongoing debate.

Approaches that focus upon the improved understanding and adoption, ie. uptake, of management strategies continues to be a goal for social research driven by conservation managers and ecologists. This is in spite of the continued failure of uptake based approaches to achieve successful long-term management outcomes.

Focusing on the conflicts over feral pig management in the wet tropics and resistance to current management by feral pig hunters, I propose to undertake a critical analysis of uptake in conservation management discourse. Based on this analysis I seek to understand the spatial dimensions of social values so that they may be incorporated into management and zoning planning of the wet tropics alongside ecological considerations.


MSC in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, NZ

While looking for potential PhD programmes I came across the IA-CRC website and found an interesting looking project on the social aspects of feral pig management. This topic immediately grabbed my interest as a controversial yet highly important aspect of improving long term environmental management.  So, I packed up, crossed the Tasman and started work in a whole new field at the School of Social Sciences at UQ, St Lucia and I havent looked back. When I am not in the books (or the field) I like horse riding, cooking (and eating), travelling, diving, going to the gym and watching cartoons.


Project details

CRC Program:
Uptake of Products and Strategies

University of Queensland
CSIRO Townsville
Field work primarily in the wet tropics area of far north Queensland

Professor Iain Gordon (CSIRO)
Dr Wolfram Dresler (UQ)
Dr Sally Babige (UQ)
Dr Tom Measham (CSIRO)

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