Peter Elsworth


I am looking at ways to enhance a biological strategy currently used on rabbits – rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus.  I aim to better understand the long-term epidemiology of RHD strains and related viruses that may convey cross-immunity in rabbits.

This includes developing test protocols for determining resistance to RHDV in rabbits, and testing field strains to compare virulence and effectiveness against the original release strain.


Honours: Zoology, University of Queensland.

I have previously worked as an Experimentalist in the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water, overseeing a research facility (Robert Wicks Pest Animal Research Centre). My key skills include dose and bait trials, trapping and surveying, and autopsy.


Elsworth, P.G., F. Seebacher, and C.E. Franklin. 2003.  Sustained Swimming Performance in Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus): Effects of Body Size and Temperature.  Journal of Herpetology, 37:135-140.

Seebacher, F., Elsworth, P.G. and Franklin, C.E. 2003.  Ontogenetic changes of swimming kinematics in a semi-aquatic reptile (Crocodylus porosus).  Australian Journal of Zoology, 51, 15-24.


Project details

CRC Program:
Terrestrial Products and Strategies

University of Canberra
Queensland Department of Primary Industries.

Dr Brian Cooke (IACRC/UCan)
Prof Stephen Sarre (UCan)
David Berman (QDPI)
Joe Scanlan (QDPI)

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