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Balanced Researcher Program (2012-2017)

Program aims: To provide comprehensive training and development programs to our postgraduate students that result in highly skilled, industry ready graduates that will make a substantial contribution to invasive animal management.

Postgraduate students play a very important role in the invasive Animals CRC.  They are attached to projects that contribute to one of our operational targets.  Students play an important role in solving real work invasive animal problems.

They each learn to conceive, plan and carry out to completion a substantial piece of original research in a specialised area of academic study, under the supervision of at least one industry professional and a primary supervisor from an IA CRC-affiliated university.

The Balanced Researcher Program prepares IA CRC postgraduate students for leadership roles in the invasive animal industry, research community and academia by providing education and training opportunities for students beyond that received in a normal PhD program.

IA CRC students complete 80 days of additional training which includes at least 20 days of industry placement.  To ensure that this does not impact on the ability of students to complete their studies, project and stipend support is available for four years rather than the traditional three and a half years.

They receive funding support through IA CRC projects as well as an industry-level scholarship.  In addition, they are assisted with strong skills-based training that makes them better, more “balanced” researchers who are more attractive to employers.

The additional training will be provided through a combination of individually targeted short courses and an annual training camp.  Core training will be given at the annual camps (generally held at Kioloa on the NSW south coast) which will include leadership, management and business skills together with skills in research publication and writing grant applications.

Individual training needs can include such things as project specific statistical training, attendance at conferences, placement within areas of industry relevant to their studies and eventual workforce goals.

IA CRC students are encouraged to attend and present at both national and international conferences.  It is considered to be an important component of training as it allows students to form important collaborations and linkages with the worldwide research community. Support is available to students to attend relevant national and international conferences.

The skill set gained through the Balanced Researcher Program will enable students to:

  • better prepare for their intended area of the workforce
  • develop life-long networks before graduation
  • be at the leading edge for employment prospects
  • link research effort and outputs with industry / workforce priorities.

Education Program Leader

 Dr Tony BuckmasterInvasive Animals CRCUniversity of CanberraBRUCE, ACT 2617 AustraliaTel: 02 6201

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 Guidelines for the Balanced Scientist Program