Events and Conferences

ABARES Outlook Conference 2015

National Convention Centre, Canberra 3-4 March 2015

The ABARES Outlook conference is the leading forum in Australia for public and private sector decision makers to discuss the key domestic and global issues for Australia’s agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.

The focus will be on the key issues that will drive the profitability of the Australian agriculture sector, including opportunities from increasing global food demand, access to international markets, trends in productivity and technology, and improving the business environment for agricultural producers through innovative financing solutions and reductions in regulatory burdens.

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Benefits and Risks of Exotic Biological Control Agents

Bornholm, Denmark. 13-15 May 2015

Open conference of a Working Group of the IOBC.

This meeting is targeted at scientists and professionals working with benefits and risks of exotic biological control (biocontrol) agents.

The meeting aims to address the following areas:

  • To assess the characteristics of exotic natural enemies which are considered to be successful biological control agents
  • To assess the characteristics of exotic natural enemies introduced into a country as biological control agents which subsequently become invasive alien species
  • To highlight research areas requiring attention and develop strategies for supporting priority research
  • Ongoing development of guidelines on assessing environmental benefits and risks of releasing exotic biological control agents to increase cogency of decision making on classical biological control initiatives

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10th International Rangeland Congress 2016

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 17-22 July, 2016

Held every 3-5 years,the aim of the International Rangeland Congress is to promote the interchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of rangelands: research, planning, development, management, extension, education and training.

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