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Feral Photos 2015

Invasive Animals CRC Photography Competition 2015

The 2015 Feral Photos competition has been judged. Thanks for everyone who entered – the standard was very high and with over 300 entries, judging was difficult! Congratulations to all the winning entries, shown below. Click on the image to view a larger photo. A selection of other entries will be available to view in our Image Gallery in the near future.

Link: Media releaseFeral Photos winners focus on impact

1st Prize: Kylie Piper (SA)

Friend or foe? Taken north of the dog fence in South Australia, just south of Lake Eyre, where dingoes are considered native. The dog walked across picked up the central bearded dragon and with one shake of its head killed it.

2nd Prize: Catherine Begley (VIC)

Natural pest control? Native Collared Sparrowhawk (Accipiter cirrhocephalus) with Indian Myna.

3rd Prize: Rebecca Duffy (Vic)

Fox at full run, Moira Shire.

Remote camera award: Thomas Garrett (Qld)

‘Boar ring’. Two big feral pig boars fighting. Taken in Begonia, Qld.

Peoples Choice: Rick Nash (SA)

Taken on the Nullarbor Plain not far from Cocklebiddy, WA. While feral camels are numerous in general, they are not often seen so far South, and in such numbers.

Highly Commended: Barney Enders (Qld)

Fox amongst the birds at Reedy Swamp Shepparton, Vic. “The birds didn’t stop feeding as he passed within a meter of them”.

Highly Commended: Elizabeth McCrudden (NT)

Buffalo in the Arafura Swamp, Arnhem Land, NT. There is currently estimated to over 20,000 buffalo in this region causing massive amounts of damage! They are changing the water ways, polluting the water and creating wallows.

Highly Commended: Clare Lawrence (TAS)

This trail camera was monitoring a Brown Thornbill nest in Tasmania. The cat took out one chick at a time, sitting in front of the camera to eat each one before going back for the next.