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Recent projects funded under Caring for our Country / APAMP

The Australian Pest Animal Management Program (APAMP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and administered by the Bureau of Rural Sciences. APAMP funds research projects that develop and promote improved approaches to the management and monitoring of agricultural pest animals. The program is aligned with the goals and objectives of the Australian Pest Animal Strategy.

Twelve research and extension projects were funded in 2009-10. This includes four IA CRC projects with a total APAMP co-investment of $224,500, and one project where the IA CRC is collaborating with a APAMP co-investment of $75,750. A summary of the funded IA CRC projects is below.

Project title and summary
APAMP co-investment
Trapping introduced predators for the protection of biodiversity and livestock: An Instructional DVD
To develop and produce an instructional DVD to be implemented nationally that will assist field operators to become competent and more confident in the use of nationally approved trapping devices for the control of introduced predators including wild dogs, foxes and feral cats.
$ 58 000Greg Mifsud
Facilitating Strategic Management of Wild Dogs throughout Australia
To raise the profile of cooperative wild dog management across Australia; develop and promote management planning consistent with best practice; create national networks among management groups, managers and researchers for a more rapid flow of information; identify priority areas for management and research; and identify and develop education programs and extension material.
$ 71 000Greg Mifsud
Registering an orally deliverable antidote to methaemoglobin inducers
The aim of this project is to determine a safe and effective methylene blue dosage that can be administered orally as an antidote to methaemoglobinaemia caused by lethal PAPP or sodium nitrite poisoning of domestic dogs.
$ 61 000Simon Humphrys
PestSmart: Development and promotion of farmer, landcare and regional end user pest animal capacity building and management packages
To identify preferred communication and capacity building pathways and existing adoption networks and use these to develop and promote PestSmart information toolkits for pest animal managers.
$ 34 500Andreas Glanznig
Total APAMP funds, 2009-2010$224 500

Successful APAMP projects with IA CRC as collaborator
APAMP co-investment
Contact & lead organisation
FeralScan – Web-based community reporting, education and extension tool for landholders and community groups
Develop community-based web reporting tools for addressing major gaps in current reporting frameworks and have direct benefits to landholders, community groups and individuals managing pests and their impacts. This will allow easier access for industry, government and community to report on pest animals and their impacts. Builds on RabbitScan project.
$ 75 750Peter West, NSW Department of Industry and Investment

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