Detection and Prevention

Prevention of invasive animal problems is the most cost-effective course of action. In the failure of prevention, early detection is vitally important in controlling new incursions. The role of the Detection and Prevention Program is to improve our capacity to prevent or detect invasive animal incursions and their impacts.  The program also aims to help prevent damage from newly established or emerging pest vertebrates.  With this in mind, we are focusing on building up an information base on the whereabouts, impacts and risks of invasive animals in Australia.

This program addresses four of the CRC’s goals:

Goal 8: Reducing expanding and other pest species impacts.

Goal 9: Reduced risks of economic losses, environmental damage and social stress.

Goal 12: Established national and local benchmarks for invasive animal impact, density and distribution from which performance on delivery of all outcomes can be assessed.

Goal 3: A benefit of $7 million p.a. by reducing rodent damage by 20%

We are currently working on a national information system to describe the distribution and densities of key invasive animals in a standardised way. We are also conducting research to get an accurate picture of the economic, social and environmental impacts of vertebrate pests and their costs.  Current risk assessment  processes for invasive species are being refined and tested to ensure they are robust. We are also developing cutting-edge genetic techniques for identifying invasive species from trace samples. The program has also reviewed Australia’s preparedness for a wildlife exotic disease outbreak, and is looking at what diseases already occur in our feral animals.

This research will provide important information to the CRC and other pest management agencies, at a national and regional level. The information will build the capacity of these agencies to prioritise resource allocation and to measure the success of pest control measures.

Projects are listed under the CRC’s corresponding goal numbers.

Program leader

Dr Elaine Murphy
Department of Conservation
New Zealand
E: firstname.lastname@


Program coordinator

Dr Wendy Henderson
University of Canberra
Ph: +62 2 6201 5509
E: firstname.lastname@


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