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Freshwater Products and Strategies

The Freshwater Products and Strategies Program aims develop and deliver short, medium and long term tools and techniques for managing Australia’s freshwater invasive fish.  This program represents the first national effort to coordinate and utilise skills from Government, industry and private enterprise in addressing the huge environmental problems stemming from invasive fish in Australia today.  With strong end-user focus and direction, the Freshwater program will achieve its aim through coordinating existing research bodies and groups, and focusing efforts in an efficient manner to produce a tried and tested manual for managing freshwater invasive fish.

Projects within the Freshwater Program link to our demonstration sites in the Logan-Albert catchment and Lower Lachlan catchment in NSW, and in Lakes Sorell and Cresent in Tasmania.

We have also sponsored the development of powerful new interactive computer software for researchers, environmental managers and fisheries managers to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed control strategies for the common carp. CarpSim  2.0 is now available and can be downloaded from

The Freshwater Products and Strategies Program is strongly supported by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

For further information on our invasive fish projects, see: Goal 4. A capacity to deliver improved quality and availability of inland water through reduced impacts and rates of spread of carp and other pest fish species.

Program Leader

wayne_fulton_thumbDr Wayne Fulton
Invasive Animals CRC

Program Coordinator

kylie_hall_thumbMs Kylie Hall
Victorian Department of Primary Industries
Fisheries Research Branch
PO Box 114
Queenscliff Vic 3225
Phone: (03) 5258 0281

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