The IA CRC has the following operational goals:

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1. A benefit of $29 million per annum by reducing the impacts of fox and wild dogs by 10% .

2. A benefit of $16 million per annum by reducing feral pig damage by 15%.

3. A benefit of $7 million per annum by reducing rodent damage by 20%.

4. A capacity to deliver improved quality and availability of inland water through reduced impacts and rates of spread of carp and other pest fish species.

5. Deliver innovative, practical control measures against cane toads.

6. Reduced impact of feral cats over five million hectares.

7. Increased agricultural profitability through improved integration of existing biological, conventional and newly developed control options for rabbits.

8. Reducing expanding and other pest species impacts.

9. Reduced risks of economic losses, environmental damage and social stress.

10. Growth in Australian invasive animal pest control industries. Through industry collaboration on the registration, marketing, export and community uptake of new products the CRC will enhance control of problem species.

11. Increased professional and practical skills base in invasive animal management through education, training and community awareness.

12. Established national and local benchmarks for invasive animal impact, density and distribution from which per formance on delivery of all outcomes can be assessed.

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The Invasive Animals CRC finished on June 30, 2017.

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is now in its place and has a new website you can visit at www.invasives.com.au

This website will remain active until June 30, 2018, however after this time it will be archived.