National wild dog facilitator

Project Leader: Greg Mifsud, Qld DEEDI

Aim: To promote and build capacity in developing and implementing strategic management approaches to control wild dogs

Project: 1.t.2

Project summary

There is a growing recognition of the need for coordinated and strategic management of wild dogs (including dingoes). Guidelines for this have been developed, but have yet to be implemented nationally. The limited examples of this approach have so far been successful, but the approach needs to be adapted and applied to other situations.

The National Wild Dog Facilitator project was developed to meet the growing need for co-ordinated and strategic management of wild dogs across Australia.

The project aims to:

  • increase awareness of strategic management of wild dog, including a nil-tenure approach
  • facilitate development and implementation of management plans consistent with this approach for 12 representative areas by local management groups
  • foster development of regional agreements (eg MOUs) for wild dog management developed between key stakeholders
  • document case studies for wild dog management
  • promote wild dog adaptive management programs
  • implement training programs for the control of wild dogs in the eastern states
  • promote uptake of IA CRC-developed baits and delivery mechanisms, where appropriate
  • participate in process to revise the strategic approach to wild dog management.

Since 2007 the facilitator, guided by a National Steering Group, has promoted the application of the strategic approach to wild dog management in Queensland and South Australia by developing local area wild dog management plans. In states where the strategic approach to wild dog management has been implemented, the facilitator has assisted in the development of regional planning processes that integrate all levels of wild dog planning. The facilitator has also promoted the development of a nationally consistent approach to wild dog management in accordance with the aims of the Australian Pest Animal Strategy, developed strong networks for the dissemination of information relating to wild dog management, research and control, highlighted the need for collaborative research programs and facilitated the development of a nationally consistent training and extension package for wild dog control.

Key achievements

  • National Wild Dog Management Advisory Group (NWDMAAG) formed in December 2008
  • Development of wild dog management plans, such as in the Flinders Shire Council, Murweh Council and Blackall Tambo Regional Council areas.
  • Conducted eight predator control field days in conjunction with Leading Sheep and Agforce Queensland. Attended by over 500 producers the days were designed to provide producers with information on how to best control wild dogs on their properties and as part of coordinated community group.
  • Secured funds from BRS to develop a best practice manual for the use of guardian dogs to protect livestock in Australia.

Key deliverables

  • Developing wild dog management plans in most of the 15 regions that participated in landholder and wild dog committee meetings across Australia to promote nil-tenure approach to wild dog management
  • Attend meetings around the country with state land managers and agencies providing updates on wild dog management activities, research and plan development.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of the Agforce Queensland, Blue Print for the Bush project entitled; ‘Raising the Awareness of Strategic Coordinated Wild Dog Control’.

Project team

Greg Mifsud (National Wild Dog Facilitator), Brent Finlay, Agforce Qld sheep and Wool Board President (Chair, NWDMAG).

Project partners

IA CRC, Biosecurity Queensland (in Qld DEEDI), Industry and Investment NSW, NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, South Australian Arid Rangelands NRM, Victorian Department of Primary Industries, WA Department of Agriculture and Food, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, AgForce Queensland and Victorian North-East Wild Dog Advisory Group.

Contact the National Wild Dog facilitator

Greg Mifsud

Tel: (07) 4688-1333

Email Greg Mifsud

Fax: (07) 4688-1448


Economic Analysis of the Wild Dog Facilitator project, July 2011


Phase 2 Wild Dog Facilitator project

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