Demonstration site: Kangaroo Island, SA

Project Leader: Dr Pip Masters, Kangaroo Island NRM Board

Aim: To develop an integrated, cross-tenure strategy, which manages or eradicates feral goat, deer, pig and cat populations on Kangaroo Island using effective control measures, including new technologies PIGOUT® and HOG-GONE®

Project: 10.u.2

Project summary

This demonstration site — Repel the Invaders: management program for deer, pigs, goats and cats on Kangaroo Island (Mixed tenure) — is a regionally-focused package of actions addressing priority vertebrate pest species threatening biodiversity and primary production across Kangaroo Island.

The aim is to develop an integrated, cross-tenure strategy which manages, controls and eradicates targeted vertebrate pests using effective control measures including new technologies such as PIGOUT®, HOG-GONE® and the Boar Buffet®.

The current actions being undertaken include:

  • eradication of goats from Kangaroo Island and the development of an information package for other regions considering similar actions
  • eradication of deer from Kangaroo Island and the development of an information package for other regions considering similar actions
  • assisting with the field trials of HOG-GONE®
  • developing a comprehensive management strategy for pigs across land tenures using genetic markers to identify management units, and a range of control measures including PIGOUT® baits, trapping and hunting
  • assisting with the development of cat control measures including new toxins and baits.

This program has a distinct community focus, aimed at enhancing the ability of public and private land managers to control and eradicate pest species such as goats, deer, pigs and cats using the most up to date products and techniques.

Key achievements

  • Kangaroo Island is likely to achieve the world’s largest island goat eradication attempted so far, with total eradication of feral goats from one of their seven management units (MU’s). MU two and three are close behind, nearing the final stages of eradication, with no feral goats sighted in the past five months.
  • Participated in trials of the new feral cat bait (Curiosity®), the new feral pig bait (HOG-GONE®), as well as developing the best method of using PIGOUT® for eradication attempts.

Key deliverables

  • Implement coordinated pig management on KI: continue to develop effective techniques to attract and eradicate feral pigs using PIGOUT® baits
  • Complete eradication of feral goats from additional management units (MU’s) on Kangaroo Island
  • Undertake control of feral deer across 92,000 ha on Kangaroo Island
  • Trial new cat control techniques, eg cat tunnels, as they become available.

Project team

Dr Pip Masters and Brenton Florance (Kangaroo Island NRM Board), Nick Markopoulos (IA CRC), Dr Robert Henzell (SA DLWBC).

Project partners

IA CRC, SA Department for Environment and Heritage, SA Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board, Kangaroo Island landholders, Animal Control Technologies Australia.

Further information

Sarre SD, Aitken N, Masters P (2008) Population genetic analysis of feral fallow deer on Kangaroo Island. Report to Kangaroo Island Natural Resource Management Board (unpublished).

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