Engaging communities of the MDB

Project Leader: Adrian Wells, Murray-Darling Association

Aim: To engage communities of the Murray-Darling Basin on the Freshwater Products and Strategies Program.

Project:  10.f.1

Project summary

Levels of understanding of any control technology will be needed to gain acceptance from the broader community. Often without adequate consultation and engagement, the public feels despondent and are likely to reject or disapprove of the CRC’s efforts and thereby jeopardise the rollout of the control strategies. This project built on and expanded and enhanced the community engagement process of the PAC CRC’s Daughterless Carp project. This IA CRC program had a broadened agenda, and engaged Murray-Darling Basin communities and the broader Australian community on the IA CRC’s Freshwater Program.

This project consisted of an extensive program of visits, presentations and meetings to provide information on invasive species in general and the IA CRC Freshwater Program in particular. It had a grass roots focus across the basin with audiences including schools and local community groups.

Key achievements

  • Although this phase 1 project was essentially finished in the
    2007-08 financial year, a highlight of the 2008-09 year was the release of the updated educational brochure ‘Aliens in the Basin’.
  • The project leader, Adrian Wells, was supported by the IA CRC Freshwater Program to attend and present at the 2009 annual review of the program.

Project partners

IA CRC, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Murray Darling Association.

Further information

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Murray Darling Association (2009) Aliens in the Basin Brochure.

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