Demonstration site: Lakes Sorell and Cresent, Tasmania

Project Leader: Chris Wisniewski, Inland Fisheries Service Tasmania

Aim: To implement targeted carp control options in a benchmarked system.

Project:  4.f.16

Project summary

Since its inception within the Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) in 1995, the Carp Management Program (CMP) has successfully contained carp in lakes Sorell and Crescent. These lakes represent the only known sites where carp are present in Tasmania, and it is a realistic objective to completely eradicate this species from the state.

The data, knowledge, skills and infrastructure that have been built over the removal period (1995 to present) have enabled the program to demonstrate near complete carp eradication in Lake Crescent. However, physical removal of the last remaining carp in Lake Crescent has been challenging owing to reduced catch per unit effort. The eradication of carp from Lake Sorell has been even more difficult due to the larger size of the lake, its wetland spread and response to rainfall, as well as the effect of a spawning event during the process. Integration of additional methods/approaches is required to assist rapid and efficient removal of the remaining carp in both lakes.

The project provides an opportunity not only to efficiently remove the remaining small population of carp, but also to learn and build contingencies for future management of this species in similar situations elsewhere.

Key deliverables

  • Documentation of processes and procedures used so far.
  • Completion of preliminary attractant trials and progress report.

Project team

John Diggle, Robert Cordwell, Terry Byard, Adam Scurrah, Paul Donkers, Michael Mayrhofer, Scientific Officer to be appointed.

Project partners

IA CRC, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Inland Fisheries Service, Tasmania.

Further information
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Includes annual reports, fishery management plans, management and project reports.

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