Policy analysis of genetic techniques

Project Leader: Wayne Fulton, Vic Department of Primary Industries

Aim: To determine information requirements for use of new biological control techniques for fish into inland waters in Australia.

Projects: 4.f.8

Project summary

Policy and regulations pertaining to the use of genetically modified (GM) organisms in natural environments are still in development. There is no doubt that existing policy will need to be reviewed and assessed if the release of ‘daughterless’ carp and other GM biotechnologies for pest animal control are to be initiated.

If a new technology such as ‘daughterless’ or KHV does get to the stage where it can be implemented, further work will be required prior to approval for public release. This project will identify the various processes and pathways that need to be taken for the implementation of control strategies. The emphasis will be on existing processes that need to be satisfied including the information requirements for permits etc.

Key deliverables

  • Broad review of existing national and state policy frameworks for the use of relevant biological control options.
  • A pathway to adoption for these tools.

Project partners

IA CRC, Vic Department of Primary Industries.

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