Carbon monoxide pressure fumigator

Project Leader: Dr Simon Humphrys, Invasive Animals CRC

Aim: To achieve a significant advance in the technology of warren fumigation for the integrated control of rabbits.

Projects:  10.u.14c

Project summary

With the value of warren fumigation in integrated management of rabbits clearly identified, this project seeks to demonstrate an improved approach to warren fumigation with respect to efficacy, ease of use, fumigator portability, logistical use and the humaneness of the lethal outcome.

This project follows on from a series of Australian Government National Feral Animal Control Program projects to develop a carbon monoxide (CO) fumigator for rabbits for those situations where ripping and baiting is not feasible.

Key achievements

  • Complete re-engineering of the initial prototype to improve field reliability and operational performance.
  • Commissioning a commercial manufacturer to make ten prototypes for field trials.

Key deliverables

  • Complete field testing of prototype fumigators to meet Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) registration requirements.
  • Registration application submitted to the APVMA.

Project partners

IA CRC, Industry and Investment NSW, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Victorian Department of Environment and Sustainability.

Further information

Gigliotti F, Marks CA, Busana F (2009) Performance and humaneness of chloropicrin, phosphine and carbon monoxide as rabbit-warren fumigants. Wildlife Research 36(4) 333–341.

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