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Research Programs 2012-2017

The Phase 2 (2012-2017) extension of the Invasive Animals CRC will continue the close collaborative work between industry, research, and extension organisations. This will fully deliver those key technologies that will be ready for adoption after 2012, as well as new technologies that overcome major outstanding problems. The impact of just one of these  technologies — the approval and roll-out of any new safe and effective strains of rabbit calicivirus — will benefit Australia by almost $1 billion over 15 years.

Programs and key outputs

The IA CRC extension program will be delivered through four programs:

  • Land Pests: Products and Strategies to manage land pests impacting on agriculture, urban areas and biodiversity. The focus will be on developing a national incursions response system and strategic landscape scale approaches to rabbit (new strains of RHD virus) and wild dog control.
  • Land Pests (Commercial Products): Developing a new rodenticide, a new pest bird toxin and fertility control agents for kangaroos and wild horses.
  • Inland water Pests: Products and Strategies to detect new pest fish incursions using new environmental DNA  techniques, particularly tilapia, and complete the science to enable release of Australia’s first carp biocontrol agent – Koi herpesvirus (KHV).
  • Community engagement: Ensuring availability and adoption of new products and capacity to manage pests: by understanding and influencing policies and social drivers in pest animal control; encouraging cooperation, and overcoming economic and social barriers.

This structure places increased focus on adoption related research, education and training.

The desired outcomes from the successful adoption of these new products and strategies include:

  1. no new vertebrate pests established in Australia
  2. prediction and control of emerging outbreaks
  3. recovery of key land and water regions after humane control of rabbits, wild dogs and carp
  4. new social networks and institutional ‘architecture’ around pest animal control
  5. an enduring entity for research, training and support of pest animal control across Australia.

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The Invasive Animals CRC finished on June 30, 2017.

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is now in its place and has a new website you can visit at

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